What’s in our portfolio? That’s up to you.

As an independent and customer-focused company, Global Meetings Portfolio shares your mission in sourcing hotels — to find the place where your meeting truly belongs. We have relationships with hundreds of venues around the world and our team is researching new properties all the time. What does that mean for you? That our portfolio is essentially limitless. We’re not trying to push your program into a single brand or catalog of hotels.

Our job is to listen, understand your needs, and present you with a thoughtfully curated short list of venues, one of which is your perfect fit.

We operate beyond the boundaries of a typical GSO or the constraints of a software program. We’ll get to know you, and then we’ll go out and do the heavy lifting for you. We create a specialized RFP that stands out from the stack and gets the attention of hotels. We review all hotel responses with sharp eyes, confirming accuracy and viability. Then we customize the proposal summaries we send to you. Whether you prefer a quick email list, a grid comparing the elements you prioritize, or a full slide deck with photos and floor plans, we will deliver in a way that helps you make the most informed decision possible.

We’ve placed thousands of meetings and know the realities planners face today. We’re ready to serve as your one point of contact for searching the world or as a complement to your own site-selection process. It all starts with a conversation.

Hotel Partnerships